1) Jake Peterson
2) Chris Newsom
3) Dale Geiger
4) Mike Barber


Main Tournament Video & Commentary


1) Justin Bath
2) Chris Newsom
3) Joe Said
4) Brian Nalley


Side Tournament Video & Commentary

Saturday August 30, 2014 | 2PM

Full Points WPPR Tournament + Side Tournament

BONUS: Beginner Tournament @ Noon

Competition Will be Live Streamed on

$1 PBR beer and half price Mac and Cheese with bacon and Cheese balls (or side salad instead of cheese balls). Deal is good for tournament participants only.

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The DC area's hottest new pinball location is the next battlefield in the eternal struggle for regional pinball supremacy. Join us for a Labor Day weekend throw down Saturday, August 30th, 2014 @ 2 pm and go head to head on six of the best playing, best looking pinball machines on the eastern seaboard.

WOW! This tournament is hosted and organized by our new DC area organizer, James Daley!!!! If you would like to volunteer, contact us here.

Note: number of strikes, game structure, number of balls, and other structural rules are dependent upon turnout and will be announced at the event.

Main Tournament
$10 Entry | $5 for first or second time IFPA competitors
1,2,3 Knockout style format + finals
Match 1: 1 ball game, Match 2: 2 ball game, Match 3 and all subsequent matches: 3 ball game 
Final 8 players (or 16, depending upon attendance) 
will qualify for finals with a 4 player match / 3 game series

Side Tournament
High score tournament - Game TBD