Baltimore vs. DC team match followed by IFPA Sanctioned Knockout Tournament


Crabtowne USA is the epitome of location pinball. A throwback to the days when an arcade was an ARCADE. Crabtowne's gritty, rough and tumble approach to pinball provides the prefect setting for a knockdown, drag-out grudge match between Baltimore and DC.


34 Players

102 Matches
10 Arenas

1 Justin Day
2 Chris Newsom
3 Dave Hubbard 
4 Jeremy Hakes 
5 Steve Kapinos
6 Joe Kosack
6 Jesse Summers
8 Brian Nalley
8 Austin Mackert
8 Adam Ruben
8 Matt Groh
8 Jon Stephanou
13 Kevin Myers
13 Bayless Rutherford
13 Scott Neuenhahn
13 Adam Noll
17 Tom Hintenach
17 Kenneth Durgin
17 Chas Gantz
17 Bob S Johnson
17 James Daley
17 Jake Peterson
17 Casey Gardner
17 Gregg Gilblin
25 Ron Aughenbaugh
25 Rob Wintler-Cox
25 Steve Stakem
25 Kristin Gasson
25 Rebecca Schleider
25 Justin Bath
31 Audrey Bonsignore
31 Rob Thomas
31 Chuck Gardner
31 Denice Thornton

December 7, 2013


Tournament 1

Baltimore vs DC team match

2:00 PM


Pre-Register below  (to help us plan if you can) for this uniquely formatted tournament that will pit Team Baltimore vs. Team DC. 

The tournament will consist of four rounds

Round 1

The qualifier: A bank of machines will be selected. Each player will select four machines from the bank and play a single one player, three ball game. A CITYteam is awarded one point for each machine on which their CITYteam member has the high score. 

Round 2

Splitfinger: Splitfinger teams are self  selected by CITYteam members. There will then be a splitfinger, single knockout team tournament format. Machines and matchups between opposing CITYteams will be randomly assigned. Play until only teams from one CITYteam are standing. The winning CITYteam will be awarded four points.

Round 3 

Single Ball Head to Head: Three player teams are self selected by CITYteam members. There will then be a single knockout tournament format in which each team plays one ball per player head to head until one CITYteam is left standing. The winning CITYteam will be awarded four points.

Round 4

The Decision Maker: The top qualifier from round one for each CITYteam (PAPA style qualifier scoring) will play three head to head matches. Winning a match earns your CITYteam two points.


CITYteam with highest cumulative score wins the city championship. 


Tournament 2 (Standard Knockout)

7:00 PM 

IFPA Sanctioned Knockout | All Skill Levels Welcomed and Encouraged | Ten Bucks Full Payout