Sunday: November 23, 2014 | 2pm

Full Points WPPR Tournament + Side Tournament

BONUS: Beginner Tournament @ Noon

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Crabtowne USA is the epitome of location pinball. A throwback to the days when an arcade was an ARCADE. Crabtowne's gritty, rough and tumble approach to pinball provides the prefect setting for a knockdown, drag-out grudge match between Baltimore and DC.


12PM: Novice Tournament

Two strike match play tournament. Recommended for players who have participated in 5 or less competitive events. 
If you have competed in 2 or less events, $5 entry gets you novice entry + main tournament entry!

2PM: Main Tournament

Three strike tournament to final 8-12, then best of 3 PAPA style playoffs until we have a winner. Full details at bottom of page. 

$20 entry fee. $5 for first or second time IFPA competitors.

ALL DAY: Side Tournament
High score tournament - Game: Surprise!!!. All day. 

5PM (Approx): Consolation Tournament 

To start after beginning of finals / break



Main Tournament Rules 

Qualifying round
Three strike knockout (three losses and you are eliminated from competition). Once 8 - 12 players remain, those players advance to playoffs. 

Since this is a knockout tournament up to a threshold of 8-12 finalists, there are several different final structures that can arise. The qualifying will end with groups with groups that are divisible by 3 or 4. We will stop play in the final round before we could mathematically undershoot our low limit in the next round (8 players).

Example: If we have 10 players left after 6 rounds, and 3 of those players have 2 strikes, we stop and head to playoffs because if we drew matches and all three players on the 2 loss bubble lost, we would be at 7, which is below the threshold of 8.

Tiebreaker: If we have to stop with more than 12 players left, there will be a one game high score tie breaker between all players with two strikes in order to pair down to twelve.

Playoff Structure 
Each round has three games scored 4,2,1,0 points in each game for 1st 2nd 3rd 4th respectively for four player matches OR 4,2,1 for three player matches. Top seed gets game pick throughout playoffs and choice of order for first game only. Choice of order switches to inverse placement in previous games for all subsequent games in series (if you lost the last game, you get choice of order on the next, but top seed chooses all games regardless of who won or lost the last game) 

12 = 3 groups of 4, group winners advance to championships. 

11 = 1st, 10th & 11th  + 2nd, 9th, 8th 7th + 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th -  group winners advance to championships

10 = 1st (bye to finals) + 3 groups of 3  -  group winners advance to championships

9 = 3 groups of 3  -  group winners advance to championships

8 = 2 groups of 4 - top two from each group advance to finals